Foam Replacement Set for Oculus™ Quest 2 (Dark Blue)

$13.30 $19.00
  • Each set contains 2 foam replacements, Standard and Comfort.
  • Wipeable PU leather material for easy cleaning
  • The Facial Interface is not included.

Designed to be used with our custom Facial Interface for Oculus Quest 2, our soft foam replacements offer a hygienic alternative to the stock foam. They can be wiped down between VR sessions to get your headset clean and feeling comfortable.

The set comes with 2 foam pads - Standard and Comfort. The Standard foam puts you close to the action while the thicker Comfort option gives you more room before the lens and extra cushioning.

They attach on the Facial Interface and can be adjusted to suit your face. 

The Facial Interface is sold separately in our Standard and colored editions.

The set includes:
1 X Standard PU Leather Foam Replacement (Dark Blue)
1 X Comfort PU Leather Foam Replacement (Dark Blue)

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